Biographical information
Home Cybertron (formerly)

Earth (currently)

Aliases Unknown
Nickname Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Afiliation Autobots
Abilities Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Mentor Unknown
Pupil Unknown
Physical description
Species Cybertronian
Gender male
Hair Unknown
Eyes blue
Alt Mode Unknown
Out of universe information
Voice Jeffrey Combs
Debut "Decepticon Island (Part 1)"
The Autobots' medical officer, Ratchet has a dry wit, often giving his wounded comrades a hard time for taking hits he somehow avoids. With the Energon supplies becoming less and less, he works to find new ways to make do, and he'd really prefer if the Autobots didn't risk injury (or worse) to protect humans. He'd also prefer the humans weren't brought back to Autobot Outpost Omega One but since he is unfamiliar with human tech, he needs Raf Esquivel to help him out. However, for all his views on humans, deep down Ratchet admires what the tiny fleshies bring to the fight. Maybe he'll even warm up to them.

Optimus Prime's best friend, and de facto second-in-command, you'd be hard-pressed to find another Autobot who loves his leader as much as he does. Yet this is not to say Ratchet has blind faith in him; Ratchet resents Optimus' lack of action over the years regarding ending the war and many missed chances to kill Megatron. He's as flawed as any normal being would be, and a huge vice is his Cybertronian pride. At least once, it's nearly cost him the life of a friend. Furthermore, his grief for his destroyed home world is what drives him. He didn't take the loss of Cybertron very well, and would do almost anything to get it back some day.

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