Biographical information
Home Cybertron (formerly)

Earth (current)

Aliases Unknown
Nickname Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Afiliation Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weapons Swords
Mentor Shadow Raker (formerly)
Pupil Jetstorm [[Slipstream]]
Physical description
Species Cybertronian
Gender male
Hair Unknown
Eyes blue
Alt Mode Drift2
Out of universe information
Voice Eric Bauza
Debut "Hunting Season"
Drift is a samurai bounty hunter and a protagonist on Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Drift aims to bring his targets in fairly and honorably and rehabilitate them into contributing members of Cybertronian society.

Drift is a perfectionist in everything he does and holds an unbendingly rigid honor code he follows to the letter. Even Strongarm finds his strictness excessive.

Drift is an expert in blade combat, eschewing blasters for the range or up-close approach. He is equipped with two gauntlets that transform into Mini-Cons Slipstream and Jetstorm. He is rivaled by Fracture, another bounty hunter who does not share Drift's code of honor.


Drift and his Mini-Cons headed to Earth to collect on the bounty on Bumblebee's head, however arriving at the same time was Fracture. Drift tangled with the Decepticon at a deserted ranch, however Fracture got the better of him, and it was only through Bumblebee's help that Fracture was sent into a retreat. Drift mistakes Denny Clay as Bee's pet when Denny introduced himself. Drift stated that he owed Bee a life debt for helping him deal with Fracture and insisted on protecting Bee. Drift and his Mini-Cons went with Bee back at the Autobot's base where Drift After Denny, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Grimlock were captured by Fracture to use as a trade, Drift remained resolute in sticking with Bumblebee who pointed out that there was more to honor. Drift and Fracture fought when Fracture appeared and incapacitated Bee. Fracture turned the tables on Drift by placing a bomb on the Autobot's back. Fracture was distracted when Russell used his video game as a bluff. As Drift was down, Fracture was close to making a killing blow until Slipstream and Jetstorm arrived in the Decepticon's ship. Fracture was defeated but escaped. Drift was released from his life debt and stated he would not pursue the bounty and instead left with his Mini-Cons in his ship.


Drift resembles a samurai and has black moustache and goatee.