The planet Cybertron is the birthplace of, and home to, all Cybertronian life.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise Edit

After the restoration of the Well of All Sparks, Cybertron once again returned to a period of peace and prosperity. Statues commemorating various figures in the war were constructed. Lieutenant Bumblebee settled into a new life on the planet as a street patrol officer, but eventually returned to Earth via space bridge on the orders of a ghostly Optimus Prime. Cybertron is also ruled by a new Autobot High Council, who placed a bounty on Bumblebee's head for his illegal use of a space bridge and sent Jazz to Earth to respond to the distress signal from the Alchemor. After capturing Ped, Jazz promised he'd smooth things over with the council, but later Drift and Fracture (and their Mini-Cons) arrived on Earth to capture Bumblebee.