Biographical information
Home Cybertron
Aliases Lieutenant Bumblebee
Nickname Bee
Occupation To protect earth and all humans from the decepticons
Afiliation Autobots
Abilities Transform to car mode
Weapons Decepticon Hunter
Mentor Optimus Prime
Pupil Unknown
Physical description
Species Cybertronian
Gender male
Hair Unknown
Eyes blue
Alt Mode 280px-TrueColors Bumblebee vehicle mode
Out of universe information
Voice Will Friedle
Debut Pilot (Part 1)
Once a young warrior with everything to prove, in the aftermath of Optimus Prime's death, Bumblebee became the leader of a fresh team of Autobots.


After returning to Cybertron Bumblebee did his best to keep his home peaceful, taking on a position in the Elite Guard as a lieutenant.

His eventual return to Earth began on a mission in which Cadet Strongarm accompanied him on a Ride-Along where they responded to a "2-1-1" in progress, caused by rebel Autobot Sideswipe.
Optimus prime bb point
During the chase, Optimus Prime appeared to Bumblebee in a vision, within a small pool of water just in front of Prime's own memorial statue, and silently pointed toward the Cybertron History Museum and Earth. Strongarm couldn't see Optimus, and since Bumblebee was distracted by what he saw, she chased down and apprehended Sideswipe on her own. Unfortunately her inexperience as a Cadet allowed her the mistake of knocking Sideswipe into Prime's statue, causing it to crumble to the ground on top of Bumblebee.
Bb discovers space bridge

As soon as he could shake off the rubble, and his vision, he ran to the museum to find out what Optimus was trying to tell him. While searching for any clue that could help him understand he stumbled upon a Space Bridge, with its co-ordinates already set to a location on Earth. There Optimus Prime appeared to him again and spoke to Bumblebee of a new mission and a dark threat.

Due to Ride-Along regulation 201, section 4, Strongarm was required to accompany her senior officer for the entire shift so she followed Bumblebee into the museum, handcuffed to Sideswipe. 'Bee revealed to her that he had been following a trail set out before him by Optimus Prime himself. The conversation was cut short by two guards approaching their location and he told her and Sideswipe to try and disable the stasis fields around the Space Bridge while he kept the guards busy. The guards mistook him for an imposter and forced him into the Bridge, where Strongarm and Sidewswipe soon followed.

Stranded autobots
Not long after being stranded on Earth it became clear what new threat awaited Earth. A Cybertron Max Security Prison Ship had crashed and the inmates were running loose. It's caretaker, the Mini-con Fixit is introduced right before Underbite, the city devourering Decepticon.[1]


Wave 1Edit

  • One-Step Changer
There is no specific information to share about this figure.
  • Hyperchange
Hyperchange Wave 1 Bumblebee
Release date: 2015
Revealed at SDCC 2014, during Hasbro's Transformers panel. The figure transforms from yellow and black fantasy concept car to robot, and back again.
  • Legion Class
There is no specific information to share about this figure.
  • Warrior Class
Warrior Wave 1 Bumblebee
Release date: 2015
This figure resembles the deluxe Vehicon figure from the Transformers Prime: Robots in Disguise toyline, and could possibly be a retool.


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